“You listened and provided clear, positive and constructive opinions/feedback to others. This made discussion easy for everyone to be vocal with their ideas and allowed us to determine the focus of our report as a group and with ease. ” (A.D.)

“Jordana was great to work with. She communicates clearly, makes sure everyone is organized, has a great attitude, and is truly a breath of fresh air.” (A.D.)

“One of the greatest ways you add value is via your skills as a presenter, particularly your ability to speak off-the-cuff and engage an audience. You have a great ability to connect with an audience that you have no prior affiliation with. A very useful skill for a leader!” (J.S.)

“You were very encouraging and provided me with positive feedback, starting with the strengths. Your reassuring attitude helped me to pay attention to the things I was doing right but did not notice before, and this helped me become more confident” (F.S.)

“You are very good at making suggestions for improvement in a constructive manner.” (K.M.)