I am an educator, researcher, writer, and consultant. I hold a PhD in Education (The University of Western Ontario), an MBA (Wilfrid Laurier University), an MEd (Queen’s University), a BEd (York University), and a BA (York University). I speak English, French, and Italian. I currently live and work in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

I have been teaching writing at the post-secondary level for over a decade. I have designed and delivered writing workshops focused on business, scientific, and educational writing demands and expectations. In 2019, I began consulting with businesses and offering workshops suited to their organization and employee needs.

In my spare time, I write a design and lifestyle blog, White Cabana. Here, I write daily about design, art, travel, fashion, and more – all in white!

People who have worked with me have commended my dedication to teaching and learning, my approachable demeanor, my clarity of instruction, and my enthusiasm.

Jordana Garbati’s Academic CV